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Dziękuję Bogdan!

Znalazłem też informacje na stronie North Sail:

How do you remove sail numbers without damaging the spinnaker?

Answer: Soak the number from the backside with Laquer thinnner. Acetone works fine if used a little more sparingly. This will help loosen the loosen the glue up..Then peel the number off. Scrap the glue off with a rag soaked in laquer thinner or acetone. When pulling the number off, pull gently and mostly in the direction of the yarns in the weave (ripstop) and it’ll be very easy- the number will come right off.

Can I change my sail number, how?

Answer: Yes, you can change the sail numbers on your sail if you need to. Remember to mark the location of the numbers. The number peels off and there may be a glue residue left behind. Simply take acetone with papertowel and wipe off the remaining glue. Then place the new numbers that you get from North Sails in the same position

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